Does your law firm:


  • evaluate your needs and breaking down what are the materials and non-materials matters?

  • provide legal solutions or just a law lesson that you can even get it from reading?

  • provide alternative fee arrangements?


If you were to envision what you need in a law firm that free from the constraints of the current law firm model – without giving up the quality and expertise of a big law firm that your company demands –  then we believe that is the law firm we have created.


What are Alternative Fee Arrangements?


Most law firms bill by the hour, which means that lawyers get paid more if they work more. On the other side, clients need an incentive to lower their legal costs.


At LPMP, we use fee arrangements that align these interests. We offer monthly retainers, flat fees for particular projects or cases, and hourly billing where appropriate.


Our fees are lower than other firms as we are a small firm, we do not have the extensive overhead costs of a larger, full-service law firm. Besides, we do not hire and train a lot of inexperienced lawyers, we are able to work more effectively and efficiently.

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