Considering its year of establishment (2016), LPMP Law Office (“LPMP”), is a relatively small and a newly established law firm in Indonesia. Founded by four partners that have a quite extensive exposure in Indonesian legal practice.


LPMP founding partners have involved and did quite a lot major played role in wide-range legal services and advices, and have undertaken high-level legal work for Indonesian individuals, domestic and foreign top companies and are involved in numbers of the commercial transactions and litigation matters in Indonesia.



Regardless of the nature of the case, we prepare each case as if it will go to trial. Once we receive the case, we identify the issues and prepare a strategy for winning the case in the courtroom. An important part of this strategy is developing a theme to help the judges/prosecutor better understand the issues on trial. Once a theme is developed, the case is handled with a constant direction toward this theme. This strategy not only leads to success in the courtroom, but it also leads to favorable resolutions for our clients.


Our firm ability to provide clients with legal, commercial and/or strategic solutions that fit your business or litigation objectives is built based on experiences and by a full understanding of client market, industry needs, and litigation and practical issues.


LPMP is well aware of the demands from businesses and litigation issues that legal services have to be affordable not only for multinational and big companies but also to individual person, small and medium size businesses and therefore LPMP is determined to provide its clients with high quality and legal services with reasonable legal cost.

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